Turnkey Service

Wernick Power Solutions offer a full turnkey service. From initial site survey through to project completion, our experienced team can support you through every stage of your project.


  • Your account manager can help you select a solution that best meets your specific needs and all required regulations.
  • Wernick can also visit your proposed site to assess suitability and access for delivery.
  • Our in-house experts can advise you on sustainable features which can cut your carbon emissions and fuel bills.
  • Consultation is available for our bespoke fuel management service. Using our inbuilt telemetry, we can ensure that you have a sophisticated fuel replenishment delivery service.
  • We offer HVO advanced biofuel, a sustainable choice compatible with our generators.
  • HVO fuel offers a 90% reduction in carbon emissions.


  • Generators are delivered to site with specialist vehicles utilising an appropriate crane and are compliant with ADR legislation.
  • Generators and fuel are delivered in a timely manner via our nationwide depots.
  • Local depots allow us to cut our carbon footprint keeping sustainability at the forefront of our transportation methods.


  • Generators can be installed and commissioned to the relevant legislative standards.
  • We use a collaborative approach to ensure the specification of your site and location are taken into consideration.
  • Specialist 4 x 4 vehicles are available to ensure every site is accessible
  • In the unlikely event of spillage whilst we are refuelling your equipment we will ensure the immediate cleanup and site restoration response.


  • Generators are serviced and maintained by our team of qualified experts throughout the project cycle; we will even advise you how to reduce costs throughout your project.
  • Wernick Power Solutions have an experienced and dedicated maintenance team able to serve all of the UK, available 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days a year.
  • The most advanced hire fleet telemetry in the marketplace, real time notifactions to ensure reduced down time.
  • Regular monitoring of excess hours allows contract reviews to better manage project costs.