Erica - onsite power monitoring tool by Wernick Power Solutions

Power Monitoring

Erica is our smart power monitoring tool. It can pro-actively monitor and control your power at the appropriate times and can easily be set up on-site or via web access.

It can help you recognize trends, understand your power requirements, and pre-empt possible overloading. By using this tool, you can reduce your costs and carbon emissions.

Key Specification

  • Plug and Play – The dashboard can be set up by Erica’s support team.
  • Remote access – Connect and control via phone or tablet
  • Pre-set power controls – Set up different profiles for each power connection
  • Calculates energy usage – Monitors power consumption and highlights reductions
  • Live monitoring – Shows you real-time power data
  • Wifi connection – Uses wifi or a 4G independent router

Wernick Power Solutions is working in partnership with IDE systems to supply the Erica system.

Download the Erica flyer.