Generator Maintenance

Our generator fleet is the cornerstone of Wernick Power Solutions. We can commission electrical systems, offer a regular fuel management service and more, but the foundation of keeping our customers switched on and running is the generator itself.

We know the best way to support our customers is to look after our generators, to make sure we’re providing products that deliver optimum performance day after day and week after week. Our quality management system is accredited to ISO 9001.

No generator leaves our yard without undergoing thorough maintenance. The maintenance checklist we use lists over 150 actions. Here’s an overview of some of the things we’ve checked on your generator before you hire it:

Visual Inspection

We start with the basics; how does the unit look? We check for physical damage and loose or missing parts to identify any immediate maintenance needs. We also make sure all service and safety stickers are clear and legible, and will jet wash the unit down to make sure it upholds the professional image of your site.


A well-maintained generator is a safe generator. We make sure every component of the generator is safe, from RCD tests down to ensuring the control panel is properly earthed. We even check the lock on the canopy to make sure no one is exposed to the interior of the generator inadvertently.


It isn’t just diesel that keeps a generator running. We make sure engine oil and coolant levels are sufficient and use a refractometer to check that the coolant itself isn’t contaminated. We’ll also check for leaks throughout the unit, and ensure the bund spillage alarm is functioning correctly so that the generator will shut of if there is a leak.


We continuously monitor our generators to ensure they’re performing at their optimum level. Not only does that mean load testing the unit to 110% of its capacity, but also ensuring that control panels and displays are functioning properly so issues can be easily identified.

The above is just a selection of the activities we undertake to ensure our products maintain peak performance. To see them in action, and for any other off-grid power requirements, you can contact us here.