Fixed Solar PV product with Wernick Power Solutions

Fixed Solar PV

Our fixed solar PV kits offer a quick and easy way to deploy solar panels in any location. The solar panels generate energy when exposed to the sun’s rays. That energy is regulated by a controller and fed into the battery. The energy is either stored in the battery or immediately consumed by the site.

The fixed solar PV kit is supplied as a plug-and-play solution and the panel system can be positioned on hard or soft surfaces with a choice of fixing options. Each kit has the capacity to generate up to 2kWp of power and can be added to further kits to increase capacity.

Key Specification

  • 2kWp ground mount kit
  • Options for hard or soft ground fixing
  • Frame or console style
  • Modular expandable system
  • Plug and play installation
  • Connects to separate control module
  • One or two 2kWp kits can connect to one control box