Fuel Management

Wernick Power Solutions’ fuel management service delivers fuel to you when you need it most, keeping your equipment running and your mind free from fuel worries. This service provides regular fuel deliveries. This keeps your equipment running and removes the administrative burden of arranging individual deliveries

Deliveries are fully compliant with the ADR regulations relating to the transportation of hazardous goods by road. Our specialist 4×4 fuel delivery tankers enable us to reach even the most remote and inaccessible sites. We’ll refuel any equipment that you require us to, whether you’re hiring from us or not.    

Key Specification

  • Deliveries are scheduled to suit the needs of the site – minimising disruption and maximising your productivity
  • Specialist 4×4 vehicles mean every site is easily accessible
  • Fuel quality is guaranteed by us – completely eliminating the risk of breakdowns and the cost of engine damage due to fuel contamination
  • Environmental protection is paramount – in the unlikely event of a fuel spillage whilst we are fuelling the equipment, we take full responsibility for the immediate clean-up and site restoration response

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