Kier Compound

Project Name: Kier Compound, Toddbrook Reservoir

Sector: Infrastructure

Location: Whaley Bridge, England

Client Name: Kier Regional Civils, Infrastructure

Supplied by: Wernick Power Solutions

Products and Services: 60ka Generator, Tank 30002, MDU

Duration of Hire: 18 months


Kier Regional Civils required a sustainable, cost-effective, and suitable power solution for their compound in Whaley Bridge.

The existing on-site generator, sourced from an external supplier, was running at lower than its optimum capacity which was causing breakdown issues. As a result, the generator was using more fuel and oil which meant that costs and emissions increased.


Wernick Power Solutions were chosen due to their high-quality products and flexible approach in their provision of services.

The client was supplied with a 60kva generator, 3000L fuel tank and a 125Amp mains distribution unit (MDU) which is designed to facilitate the connection of the generator’s output to the client’s equipment or premises.

Through the use of Wernick Power Solutions products, specifically the generator, the client was able to save over 500 litres of fuel a week reducing both costs and their carbon footprint via the reduction of emissions.

The generator was equipped with the Power Solutions’ telemetry service, a GPRS tracking and monitoring system that enables the monitoring of fuel, oil, and water levels. The telemetry service also offers increased security against theft and vandalism.

Karen Woods, Project Manager for Kier Regional Civils – Infrastructure, commented: “Wernick Power Solutions offers excellent service with experienced operatives.”